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Last Updated 24APR21 0800hrs


  • 0600hrs - Dawn Service Cramner Square

  • 0900hrs - Leeston Cenotaph

  • 1200hrs - AirForce Museum

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Joining Instructions can be found here

Steps to take for a successful parade

  • Dress to the conditions. If it's definitely going to be cold, a t shirt under the shirt, if it's super warm, then no t shirt

  • A light breakfast and a small drink prior to the parade, even a banana or an up-an-go breakfast drink

  • Remain relaxed and control your breathing, good breaths, (not holding your breath).

  • Moderate movement of feet for circulation (a gentle lifting of each foot, so as to not be noticed)

  • If it develops into pre-fainting (may include dizziness, buzzing in ears, swaying etc), take a knee for a period, perhaps 5 minutes (not too quick to stand back up). an NCO or Officer will often assist at this point.