FLTLT Mitchell Leaman

Cadet Unit Commander

FLTLT Leaman joined 18SQN as a cadet in 1999. He has worked his way up the ranks and took over command in Decemeber 2020

FLTLT Leman's role is to manage the 18SQN officers, liaise with NZCF HQ and the Support Committee and also be the public face of 18SQN.

SQNLDR Matt Long

Executive Officer

S63-6 - CIS Officer

SQNLDR Long joined 17SQN in 1983 leaving at the end of 2007 having stood down as Unit Commander. In 2008 SQNLDR Long took over command of 18SQN and was Cadet Unit Commander until handing over command in December 2020

SQNLDR Long's current role is to assist the new Unit Commander and provided support to the new appointments in the unit. SQNLDR Long is also part of the national Communications and Information Systems team, being responsible for the Google Workspace implementation within the NZCF.

FGOFF Scotty Brechin

Training Officer

FGOFF Brechin joined 18SQN in 2010 and was commissioned as an NZCF Officer in December 2017

FGOFF Brechin's role as training officer is one of the most important in any NZCF unit, providing training programme that is enjoyable, challenging and meets the requirements of the NZCF training system.

FGOFF Mitchell Cummins-Leslie


FGOFF Cummins-Leslie joined 18SQN in 2010 and was commissioned as an NZCF Officer in Decmber 2017

FGOFF Cummins-Leslie's role as Squadron Adjutant is to managing all the administration for the unit. This includes all cadet records, NZCF documentation, and is also responsible for maintaining SQN standards of dress and discipline.

FLTLT Andrew Henderson

Equipment Officer

FLTLT Andrew Henderson originally joined Air Cadets with 17SQN in 1982, rising to the rank of Flight Lieutenant before having a break from cadets in 1997. FLTLT Henderson rejoined Air Cadets in 2008 with 18SQN.

FLTLT Henderson's role as Equipment Officer is to managing all NZCF uniform requirements for the unit, including the role out of the new Air Cadets uniform in 2021. He is also responsible for other stores for the unit including camp equipment.

SQNLDR Angela Harmon

Assistant Training Officer - NCO Development

SQNLDR Harmon originally joined Air Cadets with 15SQN in Timaru in 2006, before transferring to 18SQN in 2017.

SQNLDR Harmon is based in the training office and her role this year is based around NCO development.

PLTOFF Michael Perry

Assistant Training Officer - DOE

PLTOFF Perry joined 18SQN in 2010 and was commissioned in the NZCF in November 2018

PLTOFF Perry is based in the training office and as well as planning camps & tramps he also manages the Duke of Edingbrough award scheme for the unit.

OFFCDT Mitchell Soper

Assistant Training Officer

UO Soper joined 18SQN in 2013

UO Soper is based in the training office helping with the planning and execution of the unit training programme.

FLTLT Pip Corlett

SQN Officer
S35-A – ATC Exchange Officer

FLTLT Corlett joined Air Cadets in 2003 with 42SQN in Dunedin and transferred to 18SQN in 2012.

FLTLT Corlett is currently not parading on a weekly basis in 2021 whilst completing a course. FLTLT Corlett also holds a Staff Officer role being responsible for the International Air Cadet scheme in NZ.

CDTW/O Caitlin Cummins-Leslie

Warrant Officer

CDTW/O Cummins-Leslie joined 18SQN in 2015 and was promoted to Unit Warrant Officer in December 2020.

Each NZCF unit can only have one Warrant Officer and CDTW/O Cummins-Leslie is responsible for all of 18SQN's NCO's, ensuring they are maintaining a high standard in all aspects of SQN activities.